Get Your Active Life Back | Our Therapist will create your individualized therapy program tailored to your individual needs

If you allow us to diagnose and treat your pain or post-operative problem, imagine the value will it bring to your life?

We are here to enrich your life by bringing evidence-based treatments that help you get back to a pain-free life.

Welcome to the beginning of Your Recovery.

Virginian Physical Therapy of Sterling, VA is Committed to Helping You Get Your Active Life Back!  Our licensed physical therapists with advanced Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy training and related certifications that allow them to conduct all therapeutic modalities needed for your recovery.  Our therapists have regularly treated patients who have not responded to treatment from other clinics. We deliver lasting pain relief and quality of life results to our patients.

Recovery from pain and lack of flexibility in your limbs, or lack of balance, coordination, endurance, strength, and speed are our goals for every patient and we are able to achieve these goals with our knowledge and experience in progressive treatment techniques available today.